Another test blog post

I’m Shann, a proudly South African wife, mother of two amazing kiddos, and founder of SQ Unlimited.

I am passionate about upliftment and seeing growth in people, when the ‘lights go on’ in the groups and individuals I work with, that is a good day! When I 1st did my own GC Index Profile, suddenly my whole life and especially my career made sense. Why I was so hard on myself and others, why often people didn’t seem to get me; a source of huge frustration, and of course, why although I was always willing to help, share, coach colleagues and collaborate (to a point), I was not seen as a team player.

I had always said to Reggie, my husband, if someone would just pay me for my ideas – which are vast and relentless – that would be my perfect job. So, with newfound clarity, I set out on a journey to create my perfect job, working with clients who like me are looking for something different to give them the edge.

Now, no two days are ever the same, no two clients are exactly the same and I use my years of experience in team and leadership optimisation, change management and studying people to help teams in all industries to create impactful people ecosystems.