This is a test blog post

This planner was created with our GC Index Proclivities in mind. Leveraging your proclivities while you plan, being aware of how your superpowers and derailers as well as blind spots come up, will help you to be more impactful in your planning and execution.

Fail to plan, plan to fail Benjamin Franklin

There are activities that will appeal more to each proclivity, but I encourage you to feel the discomfort and lean into those that don’t ignite you, for a bit (even though we are not naturally inclined to do something, sometimes it is necessary) – just don’t get stuck there! Find ways to leverage your high proclivities to build strategies for the lower ones. You will find tools, tips and templates to help and guide your planning, but there are no rules – make it your own. I only ask you stay the course, water the seeds that have been planted in this planner and watch them grow.

The future you will be grateful!