Leading Impactful Change Series

We are so glad you decided to take us up on the offer of some easy to implement templates in our Managing Impactful Change series. By signing up, you will receive a weekly mail from us with the link to your next template.

But because change is not a one-size-fits-all linear process, and you may be at a particular stage of your change journey or be tackling something specific right now and be needing a template that only comes up later in the series, feel free to email us at myimpact@squnlimited.co.za and we will send you the template you are looking for.

The need for the change, type of change, the group and individuals needing to change, team culture, leadership visibility etc. are all factors that will influence whether change is successful or not.

If you are unsure of what you should be doing, we can help you. Please schedule an online coffee with me and we can talk through your challenges and choose a path that suits you best. Here’s the link. 



Change is made one individual at a time. Our Leading Impactful Change guide provides a minimum requirement for some of the most critical aspects of leading your change. Adapt and adjust the templates to suit your particular needs as you go.

Good luck, I hope you achieve change success!

Shann & the SQ Team

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