Are you ready to start planning your best year yet?
If so, then we’ve got you covered with our 2024 Making Your Biggest Impact Weekly Planner!
Our planner was created with the GC Index proclivities in mind. Leveraging your proclivities while you plan, being aware of your superpowers and derailers, as well as your blind spots, will help you to be more impactful in your planning and execution in 2024.
SQUnlimited Journal Making My Biggest Impact 2024 Planner

You will find that our planner is packed with everything you will need to stay organized and on top of your goals in 2024, including:

  • Setting your monthly intentions – Spelling out how you plan to make the biggest impact each month.
  • Weekly planners – Getting clear on what you need to get done each week.
  • Monthly reviews – Helping you reflect on your goals and plans. Are you on track to make those goals a reality?
  • Inspirational quotes and motivational messages – Keeping you going!

But that's not all!

Because we’ve got so much more that we know will ignite your impact, we couldn’t keep it to ourselves. When you purchase our weekly planner, you’ll also get access to our exclusive Added-Value Vault, to bring you helpful tools and resources, every month. These nuggets will be available on the 1st day of every month through a QR code exclusively for our fellow planners.

All these tools and resources have been designed to help you make the most of your planner and achieve your biggest impact in 2024, and beyond.

And the best part? Our planner is only R499! That’s less than R42 per month. And when you consider how much time and energy the planner will save you, you will realise that it’s worth the investment.

Don’t wait any longer! 

If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to contact me at shann@squnlimited.co.za.